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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Stolen Jewelry Creates Problems for Gold Buyers

KMG Gold is always vigilant to NOT accept any items stolen or suspicious in any way. We receive emails from people from time to time telling us that their items have been stolen. As per our Terms and Conditions page “Under no circumstances shall the Customer or anyone send to the Company, nor shall the Company accept, take into its' possession, or instruct to take into its' possession stolen or illegally obtained items...”

We received an email today from "Diana" from Mission, British Columbia, Canada. Her home was robbed of jewellery and we would like to help her get it back. The following is her email:

“Hi everybody. I wanted to warn you and the pawn shops that there was a burglary in my house and huge amount of gold jewelry was stolen. There was a 100 gram solid gold gucci watch, three gold chains all over or about 100 (grams) three white gold chains all around 100 grams, a men's white gold bracelet with kind of a id tag but filled with diamonds , four or more white and yellow gold mens diamond rings, three mens rado diamond watches and a lot more small ladies jewelry such as rings earrings necklaces . One necklace in particular had the name Bianca written on it. Thank you and if you have anybody bring in anything that sounds similar to these descriptions please contact the police or my self...”

If you have any information concerning Diana's items please email and I will forward your information to the proper authorities.

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