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Sunday, March 22, 2020


 During these trying times, we have closed 620 Academy Rd and 1514 Regent Av W. and shall keep our head office at 1220 Pembina Hwy open.
7 days a week.
We have changed our hours to make it more convenient for our customers and staff to safely and securely continue offering personal financial services.
Social distancing is in effect. Please keep a safe distance of 6 feet (2 meters) between others in the store at all times.
All consignment jewellery, jewelery loans, and pawns are safely secured.
Please contact us at or at 1-877-468-2220 for more information.
Also check Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter regularly for updates. As well as our website,
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Selling Your Gold: Now Tell Me, What's In Your Jewelry Box? This Is The Unwanted Jewelry In Your Jewelry Box. It's The, I Don't Wear It, Saved It For Years, What Do I Do With It? Gold, Silver And Platinum.

Now Tell Me: What's In Your Jewelry Box?

Bring It To KMG Gold, Get A Quote, Accept The Quote, Get Money On The Spot. Not Next Week. Now!

I'm Talking about Walk out the Door, Cheque In Hand, Put It In The Bank, Feeling Richer. Do I Look Like I'm Joking?

Fat Wallet, Walking On Air Kinda Money! This Is KMG Gold. Award Winning Honesty. 620 Academy Road

Now Tell Me... What's In Your Jewelry Box?

KMG Gold Recycling is The ORIGINAL Trusted Gold Buyer(TM): Full service gold, silver, platinum and palladium refinery, and precious metal recycler. Winnipeg MB, Grand Forks ND

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Break And Enter-2: KMG Gold Recycling March 21 2015, 2:38AM CDT

 Second of three videos. Two individuals are seen after breaking into the premises on Academy Road in Winnipeg MB stealing items from KMG Gold in Winnipeg MB, March 21, 2015 at 2:38AM CDT. It appears to be one male and one female looking for items to steal.
Upon fleeing one individual is seen taking an HP laptop computer.
Both individuals have distinctive clothing, jackets and shoes.
Anyone with any information on this crime should contact the Winnipeg Police Service at

Video surveillance here:

Still photos of the individuals:

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Remembrance in your Pocket

 Did you know that on the back of the Canadian $10 bill, you can find three remembrance-related illustrations? On the left is a verse from In Flanders Fields, the famous First World War poem by Canadian John McCrae. The center depicts a Canadian Forces peacekeeper, doves and a globe representing Canadian peace support efforts around the world.

On the right is a Veteran standing at attention near the Ottawa War Memorial at a Remembrance Day service. His name is Robert Metcalfe, a British Soldier who passed away at the age of 90 in 2007. 

Although he was not a Canadian until just after WWII, there is a very visual and uniquely Canadian connection. The fact that he managed to live to the age of 90 is rather remarkable, given what happened in the Second World War. Born in England, he was one of the 400,000 members of the British Expeditionary Force sent to the mainland where they found themselves facing the new German warfare technique - the Blitzkrieg.
He was treating a wounded comrade when he was hit in the legs by shrapnel.
En-route to hospital, his ambulance came under fire from a German tank, which then miraculously ceased fire. Evacuated from Dunkirk on HMS Grenade, two of the sister ships with them were sunk.
Recovered, he was sent to allied campaigns in North Africa and Italy. En-route, his ship was chased by the German battleship Bismarck.
Sent into the Italian campaign, he met his future wife, a lieutenant and physiotherapist in a Canadian hospital. They were married in the morning by the Mayor of the Italian town and again in the afternoon by a British Padre. After the war they settled in Chatham, New Brunswick.
One day out of the blue, he received a call from a government official asking him to go downtown for a photo-op. He was not told what the photo was for or why they chose him. "He had no idea he would be on the $10 bill", his daughter said.
And now you know the story of the old veteran on the $10 bill.
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