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Monday, December 15, 2014

Honesty and Integrity Pay Big Dividends for Local Gold Buyer: KMG Gold Recycling Win Awards, Again

Press Release (12/12/2014) Winnipeg, MB:

Winnipeg founded precious metal recycling company, KMG Gold Recycling, win two Better Business Bureau Torch Awards, Community Excellence Award and the Green Award.

The only precious metals recycling, or cash for gold, company to do so, KMG Gold Recycling win two more customer nominated BBB awards increasing their number of awards to seven. KMG has won at least one award every year for the last five years in a row.

KMG Gold recycles and refines all precious metals, including; gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds, copper pennies, and nickels, with offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA.

Awards this year include the BBB Community Excellence Award recognizing KMG Gold as a company that blend financial success with a strong commitment to positive community impact. Social benefits include business practices that help revitalize neighbourhoods, create opportunities for marginalized groups, or otherwise strengthen and support community economic and social development.

KMG's second award is the BBB Green Award for businesses that blend financial success with a strong commitment to positive environmental outcomes, which go beyond basic office recycling programs to minimize or mitigate pollution, waste, and/or carbon footprint associated with the business products, services, and operations.

Michael Gupton, KMG Gold Recycling president, beams, "We make every effort to educate our customers and the public at large about how the precious metal recycling industry works, so they can make informed decisions. And this year, again, they made the informed correct decision to nominate KMG Gold for more awards!"

KMG Gold was also nominated by its customers for the Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Marketplace Excellence in recognition of their commitment and adherence to BBB Standards for Trust to benefit their customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and surrounding communities.

Companies are nominated for the BBB awards by customers and the winners are selected by a panel of independent judges appointed by the BBB. KMG Gold is the only company in the precious metal recycling industry to receive these awards.

"I recall the sense of accomplishment and pride when we first won our 2010 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence on a job well done... being recognized for our hard work and honesty... being rewarded for swimming upstream in the predatory waters of the precious metal recycling industry... Honesty and integrity are good for business! " says Gupton.

For more information on KMG Gold Recycling, visit or call 1.877.468.2220.
Media Enquiries Always Welcome, Contact: Michael Gupton, President, KMG Environmental Incorporated, 1.877.468.2220
Media Kit: Visit or call 1.877.468.2220.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What to Expect When You Visit KMG Gold

As you've probably heard by now, at KMG Gold we're known for our awesome customer service. We've been recognized by the BBB as an accredited business and we've even won five BBB Torch Awards for our outstanding customer service and business practices.

But if it's your first time selling your unwanted jewellery or other types of precious metals, you might not know what to expect or feel intimidated by the process. The good news is that we make it our goal to make our customers feel very comfortable and explainKMG Gold xray machine everything we do, step by step. Whether you've recycled with us a hundred times before or if it's your first time ever, we'll walk you through the entire process from the moment you step in the door.

And if you don't want to take our word for it, check out our Facebook reviews and see for yourself! The big theme we're noticing throughout the reviews is how happy our customers are that we explain everything to them, no matter how minor it seems. One of the foundations that we built this business on was customer education and it's still an important part of our mandate.

When you walk through our door, we'll ask if you've ever been here before and then invite you to place what you've brought in on a tray. Then we'll run a magnet over the metals to see if they're magnetic. Gold and silver aren't magnetic so if the magnet picks up the jewellery, it means it's just costume jewellery, which we don't purchase. After this, we'll use a jeweller's loupe to see if the metal has any markings on it, like 10K or 18K or 999. If it's silver, we'll make a notch in the metal and use acid to test if it is genuine. This does hurt the piece of metal or jewellery, but we always get your permission to make sure that it's okay before we do it!

If the item is gold or something other than silver, we might run it through our x-ray machine to get a quick and accurate analysis of the exact metal contents of the item. Putting the item in the x-ray machine doesn't do any damage to it, but we'll be sure to remind you of it just in case you're worried!

So don't be shy, come down to 620 Academy Road and we'll give you a complimentary assessment of whatever you've brought in to us. And if this is really interesting to you, you can even buy your own metal testing supplies at do what we do from inside your home!

Pictured: The KMG Gold xray machine.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

KMG Gold Attends Manitoba Dental Convention Trade Show

KMG Gold Dentist Convention Dental GoldAt KMG Gold we love trade shows because they're a fun way for us to get to know our customers and potential future customers. It's always nice to get the opportunity to introduce people to KMG Gold and the services we provide that they might not have known about before. We also like getting to know our community and other local business owners in such a friendly setting.

This past Friday and Saturday KMG Gold attended the Manitoba Dental Convention at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. We set up our booth at the trade show on Thursday night and bright and early on Friday and Saturday morning we got to meet all the dentists, hygienists, assistants and KMG Gold pens for trade showstudents who stopped by our booth.

We got to hand out some of our new swag (pens, magnets and bags, woohoo!) and chatted with the dental professionals about how KMG Gold can help them recycle their dental gold. We found that there are a lot of people who don't know exactly what KMG Gold can do for their dental practice and many were surprised by how much money they could get for their unwanted dental gold.

The next trade shows that we'll be at are the Ultimate Women's Show on April 12 and 13 and then the BBB Home Repair and Renovation Show on April 25-27.

We can't wait to see you there!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How does KMG Gold offer such high payout rates?

KMG Gold Gold Buyers Melts GoldHave you ever wondered how KMG Gold is able to offer its customers such high payouts compared to the competitors? One reason for this is thanks to our electric induction gold melter. This state-of-the-art melting furnace truly exemplifies our award-winning customer-first philosophy since it eliminates the need for customers to sell their precious metals through a middleman. We can actually melt our customers' gold at our Academy Road location!

Most customers don't know that all recycled gold eventually ends up at a refinery for processing, so it actually can cost quite a bit when you go through middlemen to recycle your precious metals. Middlemen can include pawn shops, coin dealers, traveling road shows, gold parties, kiosks and cheque cashing outlets. All of these middlemen eventually sell the customer's gold and other precious metals to a refinery where the gold is then melted. This is why they aren't able to offer their customers as much money as a business who does their own melting.

We purchased this awesome melter to ensure that in this competitive market, our customers will be best served to ensure they're completely happy with the services that we provide them with. It is this attention to detail and determination that continues to earn us our leadership position in the precious metal recycling industry and so many Better Business Bureau Torch Awards.

If you know of a way we can improve our service to you, please leave your thoughts in a comment below! Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

KMG Gold wins BBB Environment Friendly Torch Award for 2013!

KMG Gold Recycling wins BBB Torch AwardWe're happy to be adding another beautiful Torch Award trophy to our collection this year. Our second win for 2013, KMG Gold has been awarded the Environment Friendly award from the Better Business Bureau. This is our fifth consecutive award from the BBB and we couldn't have done it without the nominations we received from our loyal and satisfied customers like you!

You might already know that the BBB Torch Awards is an annual program that recognizes businesses that build trust, advertise honestly, remain transparent in their business dealings, honor their promises and display integrity in all of their marketplace KMG Gold Recycling MIchael Guptonactivities. Companies are nominated by peers and customers and the winners are then selected by a panel of independent judges.

We're proud to announce that KMG Gold is currently the only company in the precious metal recycling industry to receive multiple BBB Torch Awards for Business Excellence and the only company to win the Environment Friendly award for 2013.

To be nominated for the Environment Friendly Award, a business must demonstrate leadership and innovation in minimizing the impact the business has on the environment. In our case, the environmental impact is much broader than just our business. All of the precious metals refined by KMG Gold are recycled and placed back into the world's precious metal markets. This helps reduce the demand for newly mined metals, which in turn, helps reduce both the amount of energy required to mine virgin metal, as well as decrease the amount of acid rock drainage generated by mine waste rock dumps and tailings ponds. By recycling their precious metals, KMG Gold customers have helped reduce the amount of acid waste rock generated by virgin mining of gold alone by more than three million tons.

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

World Kindness Day

KMG Gold does MovemberWith November 13 marking World Kindness Day, we thought we'd share a little about what KMG Gold does to make the world a little more kind.

KMG strives to donate to a lot of great charities because we truly believe in the importance of giving back to our community and making it a stronger, better place to live in. If you follow our blog, you'll remember that in the summer we supported a local soccer team who made it to the finals! But with the ending of the summer and soccer season, we started looking for new ways to give back.

One of our more recent community service ventures was donating a real gold bar to the Special Olympics' Gold Gala on October 25, an event that celebrated the athletes and the people who support them. While we weren't able to make it out to the event itself, the pictures looked fantastic and we're sure that whoever won the silent auction for the KMG gold bar was as excited about it as we were! KMG Gold Michael Gupton

Our most recent charity venture is Movember. You've probably noticed the spike in men with moustaches in November and maybe wondered what it was all about. Well, it's called Movember (moustache + November = movember!) and men grow the biggest and best moustaches they can while raising money that goes to supporting men's health. Men usually take pictures of themselves throughout the process (we've been posting ours on the KMG Facebook page) and friends, coworkers and family members donate money to support them. You can donate with cash or a cheque but a lot of people find it easier and more convenient to simply visit the participant's individual Movember page and donate online.

With all that said, our boss Mike decided (read: was persuaded by the office) to join Movember and see how much he could raise and how great of a moustache he could grow. You can visit his Movember page here, or visit the KMG Gold home page and click on the moustache pic to be directed to his personal page. We post weekly updates on the KMG Facebook page and you can expect a blog post at the end of the month with before and after pictures, along with the grand total of money he raised for this great cause.

To all of the men out there doing Movember, good luck! Send us your best moustache pictures and we'll post some of the best ones we receive!

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Inside the KMG Coin Shop: The Swiss Franc

KMG Gold sells Swiss RappenAt the KMG Gold head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we try to curate a collection of coins that is both interesting and desirable to collectors. If you've visited our new ecommerce website recently and taken a peek around, you've probably noticed that we're expanding our coin and numismatic collection daily.

While we have an impressive amount of Royal Canadian Mint coins for sale, we're also proud to offer a wide assortment of coins from around the globe. We find it very interesting to be able to look at different currencies from different countries and see how they're similar to, and different from, Canadian money!

We like a little excitement in the KMG Gold offices so we thought we'd share one of our coolest coin finds of the week, the Swiss franc. Called Rappen in German or centimes in French, these coins are among the world's oldest currency that is still valid today. The oldest coins, the 10 Rappen, date back to 1879 and are still KMG Gold sells 10 Swiss Rappenmade of their original alloy of copper and nickel. In 1967, francs that circulated with face values of 1/2 franc to 5 francs changed in composition since their silver alloy was worth more than the face value of the coin!

It's interesting that a Swiss Franc from 1879 looks identical to a modern day Swiss Franc (except for some wear and tear!). And each coin is still inscribed with the words Confoederatio Helvetica, the Latin name of the Swiss Confederation.

Each coin that exists is an interesting connection to history and KMG Gold is happy to offer a small selection of this interesting currency online and in-store.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Results Are In...We Won!

After receiving dozens of kind nominations from our happy customers and being named a finalist by the Manitoba and Northern Ontario chapter of the Better Business Bureau, we're happy to announce that on October 21, 2013 we were named the winner of the 2013 Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence.

We won the award for a midsize business and were recognized for our display of honesty, integrity and transparency in all out marketplace activities. It is because of our strong customer service that we were able to win this prestigious award and we never could have done it without support from YOU, our happy customers.

President and CEO Michael Gupton started KMG Gold from inside his home (in his dining room, in case you were curious!) in 2007 and when the business outgrew the space, he moved to a Winnipeg storefront in 2009. Since 2009 and since the inception of the Manitoba and Northern Ontario BBB in that same year, we have worked hard to win four consecutive Torch Awards each year since then!

One of the reasons why KMG Gold has been repeatedly recognized is thanks to our mandate of strong customer service and education. When a customer walks into KMG Gold, our goal is to make them feel at home and comfortable with the precious metal recycling business. We want to educate our customers on the processes involved in purchasing their precious metals so that they can make informed decisions when they decide to sell their gold, silver, coins, etc. We believe this is very important since this industry often attracts its fair share of unsavory characters who are willing to do anything to get a sale.

If you nominated us for an award - thank you! And if you didn't, come by and see what sets KMG Gold apart from the competition!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

KMG Gold Loves...Trade Shows!

At KMG Gold we love getting to know our customers, whether they're repeat customers or first-time visitors. This is one of the reasons why we love going to different trade shows. Trade shows give us the opportunity to reach out to new people and show them why we're so special. It's always a fun way for us (and the customer!) to spend an afternoon, meeting new people and getting to know other businesses and business owners in the community.

The most recent trade show we attended was the 50+ Living Show last weekend at Assiniboia Downs. Office manager Jodi was representing KMG Gold and offering complimentary assessments to anyone who was interested. Super friendly and easy to talk to, Jodi is one of the reasons why KMG Gold has won awards for being so accessible and customer-oriented.

We have a couple of other trade shows on our radar that you might be interested in if you missed us at the 50+ Living Show, or that you might be interested in even if you've already visited us. KMG Gold attends trade shows in Canada and the US so just make sure to take note of which city it's in! If you know of any trade shows that you think would be a good fit for us, we'd love to hear from you. Don't forget to drop us a line on Facebook and let us know what your favorite trade show is, no matter what type it is!
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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

We've been nominated as a finalist for the 2013 BBB Torch Awards!

Thanks to nominations from dozens of satisfied customers, KMG Gold is happy to announce that we've been named a finalist for 2013's Better Business Bureau Torch Awards. We're so excited to be recognized for the strong customer service, honesty and integrity that we display in all of our business transactions.

If you live in the Winnipeg area, you might have already seen this exciting news that was posted in the BBB mailer that went out last week. KMG Gold has been named a finalist in the Marketplace Excellence category, an award that we won in 2011 and were named runner-up for in 2012. We're crossing our fingers that we'll be the winner this year and we'll find out on the night of the awards ceremony on October 24.

If you've ever wondered how the Torch Awards work and how businesses can win one, read on!

It starts with the nomination forms. A happy customer will fill out a nomination form that has a few boxes on it along with a few lines asking them to describe how a business went above and beyond the norm. All it takes is one form to be nominated, but KMG Gold was lucky to receive dozens from happy customers, all of which were sent to the BBB. Along with these nomination forms, a company also has to formally apply for the award, writing a few pages detailing what makes their business worthy of such a prestigious award, how they serve customers along the BBB's mandate of trust and integrity, how the company makes a difference in the community as well as in the lives of their employees.

It's a well-rounded report that takes everything from customer service to employee culture into consideration. You can be certain that every business who has been named a finalist is dedicated to providing the best customer service experience possible, which is why it's such an honour to have come this far for the third year in a row.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KMG Gold Recycling's New Lineup of Refinery Products

As part of a planned expansion of products and services that are intended to better serve our existing and future customer base, KMG Gold will begin distributing a leading line of refinery products from RDO Induction LLC, a leading supplier of induction furnace melting equipment for ferrous, non-ferrous and precious metal alloys. In addition to furnaces and melters, the company also supplies accessories such as crucibles, ingot molds, safety and handling equipment and much more. These products are now available for purchase on our customer-friendly and easy-to-use ecommerce site.

This latest expansion of the KMG Gold product line and service is a reflection of our desire to better serve you - our customer! - by providing a one-stop shop for tools, equipment and knowledgeable industry advice. All the tools that are produced by RDO and sold by KMG are perfect for anyone looking to start their own gold recycling program from their very own home at an affordable price point.

Have you used RDO products in the past? What did you think? Share your experience with us in the comments!
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Finally Here! Shop Online with KMG Gold!

KMG Gold shop online ecommerce siteThe wait is over! KMG Gold Recycling is proud to announce the official launch of our new ecommerce site that gives customers a high-quality online shopping experience. Our first class ecommerce site offers our customers a shopping experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Our new site is ideal for those looking to set up their own gold buying businesses, offering everything to complete the process from start to finish; including gold testing products, crucibles, ingot molds and more. Truly offering something for every customer, our site also features hundreds of collectible coins for purchase. We're excited to sell numismatics, Royal Canadian Mint products as well as other coins and paper money from around the world. New items are added daily and feature a wide range of products that are perfect for beginners starting their coin collections and for seasoned coin veterans looking for that specific, rare coin.

Easy to navigate and laid out in a user-friendly manner, KMG Gold is certain that this site will be a game-changer in terms of how people shop in the gold buying industry. We look forward to attracting new customers from across North America and are certain that our high-quality products and positive shipping experience will further increase our already expanding customer base.
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Monday, July 15, 2013

KMG Gold Recycling Receives Two More BBB Nominations

As a previous winner of several Better Business Bureau (BBB) Torch Awards, KMG Gold Recycling is proud to announce that we've been nominated for two more of these highly-coveted awards for 2013. We've been nominated for the Marketplace Excellence award and the Environmentally Friendly award, both of which we've won in the past, and both of which we're crossing our fingers for this time around!

Since 2010, the BBB Torch Awards has operated as an annual program that recognizes businesses that build trust, advertise honestly, remain transparent in their business dealings, honour their promises and display integrity in all of their marketplace activities. Companies are nominated for the awards by peers and customers and the winners are selected by a panel of independent judges. KMG Gold is currently the only company in the precious metal recycling industry (and in Winnipeg!) to receive multiple BBB Torch Awards for Business Excellence.

According to Michael Gupton, President of KMG Environmental Inc., the parent company of KMG Gold, being recognized for the Environmentally Friendly Award this year is something very special. To be nominated for the Environmentally Friendly Award, a business must demonstrate leadership and innovation in minimizing the impact the business has on the environment. All of the precious metals refined by KMG Gold are recycled and placed back into the world's precious metal markets, helping decrease the amount of acid rock drainage generated by mine waste rock dumps and tailings ponds. By recycling their precious metals, KMG Gold customers have helped reduce the amount of acid waste rock generated by virgin mining of gold alone by more than six million tons.
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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

It's Ladies' Night in Elma, Manitoba!

KMG Gold loves ladies' Night in ManitobaIs there anything better than having a glass of wine and catching up on some gossip with your girlfriends on ladies' night? If you live in Elma, there is. Ladies at the local community centre invited Michael Gupton, the president and founder of KMG Gold Recycling, to their last event, asking him to evaluate and purchase their unwanted jewellery, coins and silverware. These ladies were looking to have a fun night out together and also make a little spending money!

Gupton said he was surprised by the invitation but was flattered, saying, "I think we've found ourselves a new market niche." Used to receiving gold and other precious metals in the mail and seeing lots of different people coming through the doors of his popular store on Academy Road in Winnipeg, 
KMG Gold attends ladies' night in Elma Manitoba with great results Gupton is happy to have found another way to purchase gold that is even more convenient for the customer. Since customer satisfaction is one of the key mandates in KMG Gold's commitment to service excellence, being invited to evaluate and purchase precious metals in a new environment is right up Gupton's alley.

If you are interested in hosting a gold party of your own, we'd be happy to give you some more information about how we can help you do so. Give us a call toll-free at 1-877-468-2220 or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to help!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Latest in Metal Analysis Technology Hits KMG Gold

KMG Gold Latest Innovative TechnologyKMG Gold is ready to improve the speed and efficiency of metal analysis even more with the newest addition to their location at 620 Academy Road. The Fischerscope X-Ray XAN 123 Spectrometer was recently purchased by the company and is one of two machines in all of Winnipeg. This innovative machine is optimized for fast, non-destructive analysis of jewellery, precious metals, gold, platinum, silver, rhodium coins and all jewellery alloys and coatings - everything KMG Gold sees on a daily basis.

This new machine allows for extreme precision and very low detection limits, detecting elements of precious metals in mere seconds. Fast and accurate, with better than 1% precision for gold, this machine displays its results in karats or KMG Gold Latest Innovative Technologyweight
 percentages and results can easily be printed out as custom reports. Our customers will benefit from this high-tech equipment and get a faster and more accurate analysis of materials they bring to us, resulting in an even higher payout.

KMG Gold president Michael Gupton says of the machine, "With only two of these machines in Winnipeg, KMG Gold is committed to providing our customers with the absolute best that the industry has to offer." This statement certainly rings true as the acquisition of this machine marks another part of KMG Gold's ongoing commitment to using the latest developments in science and technology to improve their level of service to the customer and as a tool in their ongoing efforts to help create a more educated consumer.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

What KMG Gold Customers Have To Say About KMG Gold Recycling

KMG Gold Recycling: All testimonials posted by KMG Gold are from our customers. Real people with real opinions.

This email conversation came in today from a customer that sent us her broken gold jewellery in a SecureShip™ Envelope.

CW: "I accept your offer to purchase and look forward to my cheque in the amount of Cdn$523.92. Thank you for your prompt response. I am very impressed with this very quick and easy process and will be sure to recommend your services to my family and friends. Sincerely Cindy"

KMG: "Thank you for your kind words. Your cheque is signed and in the mail. May we post your comments on our web pages as a testimonial? All of the testimonials we post on are from real customers and we like to share the good praise! Regards, Mike"

CW: "Once again, I thank you for your prompt response. I am so impressed and it's not too often you come across such professional and prompt service. I am a single mom and currently unemployed after over 25 years of secured employment. I don't think I have to tell you how much this cheque will mean to me. All I had to do was just round up my old and broken jewelry. Yes, please post my comments on your web pages." - Cindy W.
Cindy W.

It's comments like this that make it all worthwhile. All the hard work all of us at KMG Gold, Robyn, Caitlyn, Tom, Micheal, Andrew and myself do, trying to be the only HONEST gold buyer in North America is instrantly rewarded by comments like this...
KMG Gold Recycling
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