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JP:   "Dear Michael, Wow is all I can say. Michael is there any way this could be some kind of a mix up? I'm asking cause $800.00 is a lot different than $4,000. You got the old girl crying cause X-mas wasn't looking so great. Are you sure Michael? We can't afford to pay such a large sum back if there's a mistake. Please, please be certain. And if this is all above board and true. We would be more than Happy to accept. And thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Michael why would they tell us 800.00 when they probably knew all along? Plus he wanted us to pay for the refinement too. Wow I'm really saddened by people sometimes. Thank you again Michael. I feel so good knowing the world still has good honest people living in it. God Bless my Friend and Merry X-mas. James"

KMG:   "James, I am very pleased that you are happy with our results. There is no mix up. Your blob was melted and contained 48.5% gold. The rest was copper and other stuff. Please email us with your AIR MILES(R) Collector number, if you have one, because you will earn 243 AIR Miles(R) reward miles. We try very hard to be transparent, ethical, honest, and act with integrity. If you are happy with us, it would be great if you could write a review about us on Google... Yelp, Twitter, or anywhere else you feel would be good to tell people about who we are and what we do. Thank you for your support and your cheque is on its way! Merry Christmas. Mike"

In this case, "they" were a Vancouver Gold buyer competitor.

James P.

CW:   "I accept your offer to purchase and look forward to my cheque in the amount of Cdn$523.92. Thank you for your prompt response. I am very impressed with this very quick and easy process and will be sure to recommend your services to my family and friends. Sincerely Cindy"

KMG:   "Thank you for your kind words. Your cheque is signed and in the mail. May we post your comments on our web pages as a testimonial? All of the testimonials we post on are from real customers and we like to share the good praise! Regards, Mike"

CW:   "Once again, I thank you for your prompt response. I am so impressed and it's not too often you come across such professional and prompt service. I am a single mom and currently unemployed after over 25 years of secured employment. I don't think I have to tell you how much this cheque will mean to me. All I had to do was just round up my old and broken jewelry. Yes, please post my comments on your web pages." - Cindy W.

Cindy W.

D:   "Thank you for your prompt attention to my request that you buy my gold... I chose your service due to your straightforward website and your reputation with the BBB. I will be happy to recommend your services to my friends. I accept your offer of $2,968.21" - D.


K.P.   "You were extremely fast in your response. You're offer to purchase is as you said, the highest that I've been able to find. Your offer to purchase is even higher than I was expecting! I really appreciate your paying for the courier charges both ways. I was hesitant about sending off my silver coins into an unknown but I researched KMG and I just couldn't find a problem with it, just positive attributes (yes I checked with BBB). Thanks for being exactly as you advertised, honest. I'll certainly recommend you to others. Lastly...., thank you KMG Gold!" - Ken

Ken P.

KP:   "Hi Mike, I'm thrilled with this offer, and would like to accept it. I have to tell you, I was leary about sending my gold in to you. I have tried a few other places... They don't advertise their actual prices, then you're shocked when the gold comes in, but with you guys my offer was exactly what I had expected. Thanks for being so honest. I consider myself a flea market pro, and have found so much gold that people are willing to sell, so I'm looking forward to doing a lot of business with you in the coming months. Thanks"

KMG:   "Karen, Thank you so much for your enthusiastic reply. May we post your reply on our web site as a testimonial? We try very hard to earn our customers trust and work hard to keep it. Unfortunately, the middlemen gold buyers out there make it harder for us. But we just try harder. Replies like yours make it all worthwhile! Thank you again. Regards, Mike"

K.P.   "Absolutely you can post my testimonial on your website. People need to know who the honest people are out there. If you want to post my name please just use my last initial: Karen Thanks again, Karen P."

Karen P.

JH:   "Dear Mr.Gupton, I just wanted to say thank you for your professionalism, quick responses and high payouts. I was skeptical at first but the way the process was carried out kept me at ease. I checked 10 different places to sell my gold and you were in fact the highest payout. I received my payout before other companies even sent their shipping package! I would highly recommend your company to anyone. Thank You."

KMG:   "Thank you very much Jae! We try very hard to earn and keep our customers trust. May we publish this as a testimonial on our web page? Thank you again, Sincerely, Mike"

JH:   "Yes you may. I've heard of so many people who have been ripped off or cheated by fly by night companies it's refreshing to see a company that works as hard as yours to completely satisfy their customers. The key word in your response is "earn". I believe in this day and age companies not only need to satisfy their customers but also earn their business and referrals to remain successful in the market place. Thanks again."

Jae Hallett

DK:   "Thanks eh. You guys really helped me out. The gold and silver I had was worth almost $3500 from you guys. I wasn't going to get half of that from anyone else. It was awesome dealing with you. Looking forward to checking back in with you in the future. Awesome work. Ttyl. Doug Kay"

Doug Kay

JA:   "I have been dealing with Michael Gupton of KMG Gold on a periodic basic for approximately 1 year. The service and information provided by Michael Gupton has always been detailed and prompt. My settlement payments for my silver scraps have always been delivered accurately and quickly with a very competitive payout rate. I am incredibly pleased with their rates and their service and highly recommend their services."

Janice Austin, Beadz n' Thingz

KF:   "I sent KMG some 5 kg of metal it was expertly assayed and a very competitive price for the precious metal content was forwarded promptly by e-mail. I agreed to the proposal and a cheque was received in about 3 days. I found that KMG dealt with my material in a very professional manner. Therefore I would not hesitate to use KMG for future recycling of precious metals in the future."

Ken Fergusson P. Eng. , Kelowna, BC

SS:   "Working with Micheal Gupton has be a very positive experience. His analysis is very thorough, detailed and precise. In addition he provides great service and communication. He is reliable, fast and efficient. I have total confidence is choosing KMG to purchase my scrap gold and jewelry now and in the future."

Sari Stenerson, My House Estate Sales Ltd (

JTC:   "Hi Mike and Karen! I just want to thank you for always being professional, helpful and prompt! KMG has provided me a good second source of income and I always look forward to sending some gold your way! Thank you again!"


CH:   "During May of last year (08) while searching the internet for a Precious Metal Recycler, it was my good fortune to come across KMG Gold. When I called KMG Gold and spoke to Mr. Mike Gupton, I was immediately impressed with his business like attitude, and impressive knowledge of the Precious Metal Recycling Business. I found Mike to be completely Honest and Trustworthy throughout the whole transaction, always willing to put in the extra effort to help his client, and super fast at responding to correspondence . Mike's motto, "Our customers are Gold" is no exaggeration, it's the way he treats his customers. I unreservedly recommend Mike (KMG) to anyone that has a precious metal recycling requirement.

Charles Hicks, Managing Director, Procorp Ltd.

V:   "I have found KMG Gold Enterprises to be very fair and honest in any dealings I have had with them. Without hesitation I would refer them to friends and family. "


CL:   "I recommend KMG Gold to anyone who is interested in selling scrap gold or other precious metals. KMG's website content is superior to others, providing detailed information about metal valuations and setting out its pricing formula. The rate calculator enables you to estimate the recyclable value of your gold using current gold and US$ exchange rates meaning no surprises even with a fluctuating market. Combine this clarity and transparency with personalized service, and the result is a very positive "selling" experience. Thank you Mike!"

Carol Loyd - Winnipeg, MB