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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gold Crowns

A crown is a form of dental restoration which is used on a tooth or a dental implant. They are used when a cavity develops on a tooth and are applied on the tooth using dental cement. Their purpose is to improve the appearance and strength of a tooth. Different materials are used for making the crowns. Gold is the most common.

Full Gold Crowns
These are the most common gold crowns used by dentists. Though they are called gold crowns, they are made up of a number of elements: the noble metals (gold, platinum and palladium) and the base metals (silver, copper and tin). Gold crowns that have a high noble content are of better quality.

Technique For Making Gold Crowns
Gold crowns are made through a process known as the Lost-wax technique. A dentist takes the impression of the tooth to be replaced, those adjacent and those opposite. The dimensions of the cast crown are then done in three dimensions, that is, the height, width and depth.

The measurements are recorded on an impression material and send to a dental lab. Dental stone or plaster is used to make the models of the tooth. The models are then ditched, died and articulated so that their arches meet properly.

To this tooth analog, known as a die, is applied wax. The wax is carefully moulded to gain the shape and exact dimensions of the tooth being replaced. Before the wax is applied, a die spacer is applied. This helps provide a space between the actual tooth and the gold crown.

A lubricant is also applied to ease in removal  of the wax pattern once preparation is complete. The wax pattern is then invested in a plaster like material. It is then placed in a furnace which burns off all the wax and plastic that was in the wax pattern, hence the name Lost-wax technique. A hollow is left which is known as the investment pattern.

To this hollow is shot pennyweights of melted gold. Once it has cooled, the crown is polished to high shine. Touching up is done at the place of attachment as the dentist checks to see if fits in with the adjacent teeth.

Advantages Of Gold Crowns
•Gold is very strong and resistant to corrosion. It is mostly applied on the back teeth that have biting forces.
•It adapts and fits well as a crown.
•Preparing a tooth for a gold crown is easy as no healthy tooth structure is tampered with.
•It provides longevity in service.

Disadvantage Of  Gold Crowns
Full Gold Crowns have one major disadvantage. This is the fact that they are cosmetic and hence not suitable for front teeth.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Important Steps Involved In Buying Gold

The world economic scenario has undergone a lot of turbulence and uncertainty in the past few decades. Therefore, it is a secure alternative to make long term investments. The retirement accounts are decreasing, the stock exchange is also subject to huge fluctuations and the value of all currencies is on a decline. Gold has become a prized investment in such these circumstances. Gold has emerged as a winner because it has been able to withstand all the lashes of recession. Apart from being used in ornaments, gold also possesses immense historical value and importance. What’s more is that by buying gold at a lower price and selling it at a higher price, one can make money.

To ensure that gold proves to be a secure and reliable investment, people should understand some simple steps to buy gold. To gain a full understanding of the ins and outs of the market, people should thoroughly analyze the gold market. If one wants to know the potential value of gold holdings, people should understand the value of the metal and have complete knowledge of its historical relevance. Moreover, people should be aware that gold investment is not restricted to one specific option. People can buy metal futures, certificates, stocks of mining companies, wafers, physical bars and coins and mutual funds of precious metals amongst others.

Before settling on one form of investment, people should have a thorough understanding of the gold industry. In addition, the mode of investment which is selected should enable people to make money and should also be within means. Those investors should look for gold coins that have a limited allocation. Not only these coins have immense historical value, but are easy to transport and convenient to store and hold.

Finding a reliable gold dealer is the next step which has to be followed. It is essential to find a dealer who is honest, trustworthy and follows all business ethics from the ones which are available locally as well as online. All Canadian cities like Toronto, Calgary, Kamloops, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Victoria etc have their own gold dealers.

There are several gold dealers located in each city. It can be seen that people can save on the transportation and shipping costs can be saved if one opts to use a local dealer. On several occasions, people can gain confidence by investing in smaller items.

People can choose any gold refinery in Canada for confirming gold authenticity of gold with the help of gold assay services. KMG Gold Recycling is a suitable choice when looking for a precious metal refinery in Canada. People can make a decision once the refinery has analyzed the gold. KMG would be the ideal choice as it conducts all its transactions with honesty. 
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The New Gold Rush?

Some people are referring to this period of time as the new “Gold Rush.” Most will agree, the current market has been a golden opportunity for investors, some consumers, but as usual the con artists have jumped on the band wagon as well.

According to KMG Gold, president and founder, Michael Gupton on CJOB 68 radio, “Beware: pay attention to past scams and watch out for new ones that are circulating via email, newspaper advertisements and flashy television commercials.”

If someone really wants to buy gold, don't fall for late-night TV pitches or telephone sales calls that come out of the blue. Think about it: Why would a stranger want to tip you off to a hot gold mine investment?

"If gold is hot, you'll see gold scams," warned Gerri Walsh, vice president for investor education for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the nation's largest independent securities regulator.

Gold futures hit a record $1,923.70 an ounce Tuesday before falling back, a good reminder that this is a volatile investment -- even the legitimate deals.

Many of people have never invested or sold gold and have no idea how to go about such a transaction like this. Scam artists take advantage of the fact that individuals are basically unaware. They see the hype and headlines, plus the knowledge that many investors are turning to gold out of anxiety over wildly swinging stock prices.

Take your time. Do your research and only go with companies that have been in the gold business for a long time.

"If you are going to buy or sell a piece of gold, always buy from a reputable dealer who can provide the verification on the purity and authenticity of the piece," Gupton stated. 

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the nongovernmental regulator for securities firms in the U.S., issued an investor alert recently to warn potential investors about the possibility of getting bit by the latest gold bug.

The North American Securities Administrators Association also listed schemes involving gold and other precious metals in its top 10 investor traps.

In one, a fast-talking promoter tried to raise capital for extraction equipment to reopen a long-dormant gold mine in exchange for a full refund on your investment, plus interest and a stake in the mine.

In another, operators claimed to have special coins or nuggets that they could store or trade for investors in special markets for high profits and returns.

In both cases, investors suffered heavy losses.

Be warned, too, about some gold-related investment scams that pitch stocks supposedly connected to mining or exploration. One false promise could be that a given company's stock is a buyout target for other mining companies.
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

KMG Gold Founder To Appear on CJOB Radio

KMG Gold founder and president, Michael Gupton will appear live on CJOB Radio. At 10:00pm on Saturday, Sept 10, Michael talks live on the Greg Glatz Show in an active discussion on the current market trends in the precious metals industry.

With the price of gold reaching near record highs, many people have been looking for the best, easiest and SAFEST way to sell their unused jewelry, coins and other precious metals. Gupton has become the leading authority on the gold buying industry and will be a perfect fit for Greg's program.

"I think a talk show is the crown jewel of broadcasting because it gives people a chance to say what they need to say. For that reason, my shows have always been built around the idea that the callers matter most. I say exactly what I need to say and I give listeners their chance to do the same."
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fire Assay Process

This is a technique that has been in use for quite a few years. It is used in the analysis of gold and platinum group elements. The process aids in the separation of minerals from ores. It is by far the most common and widely used process in metals analysis.

The science
Whether the application is applied with large or small samples, the procedure is generally the same. It involves addition of a lead based flux that has been added to the test sample. The resulting mixture is then fused at temperatures  of 1650 F. Silver is usually added to this mixture as it helps in the collection of gold. For samples that have trace amounts of gold, the addition of silver collects the traces therefore enhancing gold collection.

The material obtained from the fusion is poured onto a mould and cools into a lead button. This contains all the precious metal that was in the sample. A silica glass slag is placed at the bottom of the mould which is removed later.

The next step is the separation of the precious metal from lead. This is done through a process known as cupellation. It uses a porous crucible known as a cupel which is made of magnesium oxide and bone ash. Heating the cupel and the lead button in the same furnace leads to oxidation of the lead. It is absorbed into the cupel, leaving only the precious metal which has may have traces of silver.

The addition of nitric acid separates the gold from silver. This possible because silver is soluble in acid. The gold then undergoes a procedure known as gravimetric finish, which is the determination of the golds’ original grade. However, the gravimetric finish is only applicable on large gold samples. For gold that has small particles, they are dissolved in hydrochloric acid and the resulting concentrate measured using AAS.

For platinum group elements, the final measurements, unlike for gold, are done using ICP.
Advantages of fire assay
Fire assay can be used on samples that have tiny particles.
Factors within the precious metals make the method viable. These are:
a)The solubility of these metals in molten metallic lead and insolubility in other molten metals.
b)The metals are easily separated from the lead.

Fire assay is the most accurate method of assaying precious metals and is widely used by refiners. Though it is time consuming and labour intensive, it is the best method for assaying. However, caution must be observed in the process to avoid accidents. It is mostly commonly used by professionals but individuals can do the test for themselves by apply strict guidelines to ensure the right results are obtained.
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