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Thursday, January 11, 2018

KMG GOLD RECYCLING 1220 PEMBINA HWY NOW OPEN  Winnipeg January 2, 2018
KMG Gold Recycling opens third Winnipeg location at 1220 Pembina Hwy.

This new head office and recycling facility for KMG Gold Recycling is the newest addition to their recent openings of new retail outlets for buying Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, Gold jewelry, gold crowns, silverware and coins and bullion.

KMG Gold Recycling 1220 Pembina hwy

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quiet Pre-Holiday Trading
A quiet and subdued day in the precious metals market today, with pre-holiday trading holding gold in a narrow range.

Gold opened at $1284 in the Far East and drifted higher though the European hours, touching the high of $1287.00 on a slight weakening of the U.S. Dollar.  New York opened at $1286 retested the highs but drifted back off on a steady equity opening and general lack of interest.  Falling back to $1283, gold aimlessly traded between $1282 and $1284 for the rest of the session, closing the day $1283.75.

Note: The U.S. Dollar has been making continued new highs for quite a while; some technical analysts are beginning to write that they think it is overbought.  Such a retreat would be positive for gold.

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

KMG Gold Now Sells Local, Hand Crafted Jewellery

If you like shiny things as much as we do, you'll be pleased to find out that KMG Gold is now selling select wholesale jewellery. Available at our Winnipeg storefront on Academy Road or online here, KMG Gold is happy to offer their customers a new product to enjoy.

Most of the items we now sell in the wholesale jewellery category are earrings, although we do offer a few different pendants. The earrings and pendants we sell are made with 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold and are set with a wide range of different gemstones. Some of the gemstones include: citrine, garnet, blue topaz, diamond and many more.

Selling this jewellery allows us to support our local Winnipeg economy, something we're really happy to be able to do. Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted and brand new, made by Roger Watson Jewellers right here in Winnipeg. Roger Watson Jewellers is a company that KMG Gold trusts and has collaborated with in the past with excellent results, so we can't recommend them enough!

We invite you to visit us online and check out the big selection of jewellery, complete with pictures and detailed information about each piece. They make for a perfect gift for someone you love, especially if that someone is yourself. You can check out the birthstone chart below for a little inspiration!

You can order online with free shipping on orders over $100, visit us at Academy Road or give us a call and we'll set it aside for you to pick up. As always, if there's something you'd like to see us offer online or in our store, leave us a comment or connect with us on Facebook to let us know!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Holidays from KMG Gold!

From everyone at KMG Gold, we want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy holidays! Here is a friendly reminder of our Academy Road store hours this holiday season.

December 24: 9am-4pm
December 25: CLOSED
December 26: CLOSED
December 27 & 28: Regular hours (9am-6pm)
December 29: Regular hours (10am-5pm)
December 30: Regular hours (9am-6pm)
December 31: 9am-4pm
January 1: CLOSED

Regular store hours will resume on January 2.

We'd also like to remind you that although we'll be closed on Boxing Day (December 26), you can shop online with KMG Gold at any time. Simply click here and keep in mind that we now offering free shipping over $100!

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Tis the Season for Giving

With the holidays almost here, we at KMG Gold wanted to share the ways we're planning on giving back to the community this holiday season. One of our company mandates is giving back to the communities we operate in and we strongly believe in the importance of this.

KMG Gold supports a lot of community ventures throughout the year (including raising money for the Movember campaign for men's health, supporting a local soccer team, donating to the Goodwill Industries, Easter Seals Manitoba and the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities) but hasn't really done anything special during the holiday season. We thought it would be a great idea to expand our charity giving for the holiday season so we teamed up with the Christmas Cheer Board to help families in need.

The Christmas Cheer Board is a Winnipeg organization that depends solely on volunteers and the charity of others to help families in need through donations of food and money for their "Feed-A-Family" Christmas drive. This is the first year that KMG Gold is participating in the Christmas drive and we've pledged to sponsor a large family by purchasing groceries and Christmas gifts for the family. The food-filled hamper will be delivered to the family on December 20th by KMG Gold President Michael Gupton (possibly in a Santa hat, but no promises!).

We plan on further increasing our charitable donations as 2014 rolls in, so stay tuned on more information about that and how you can help, if you're interested in doing so. But for now we wanted to leave you with a few ways that you can help local families in need this holiday season. Click on any of the links below for more information about how to donate and where the nearest drop-off location to you is.

  • Christmas Cheer Board: Accepts money, groceries and unused toys (you can also donate toys to the Tower of Toys at the Forks Market)
  • Winnipeg Harvest: Winnipeg's largest food bank is especially looking for baby food and formula this season
  • Siloam Mission: Winnipeg's largest homeless shelter was recently damaged by a broken sprinkler head so they're looking for donations of basic supplies
  • Agape Table: A community nutrition centre that is looking for donations of warm winter clothing
  • Salvation Army: You can donate money to one of their iconic kettles or contribute to their annual Toy Mountain campaign
Happy holidays!

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gold Can't Be Held Down For Long

Gold Can't Be Held Down For Long

This has been a summer of more downs than ups in the investment markets but it could finally be coming to an end. We always maintained the opinion that a strong fall is upon us and we are still sticking to that prediction.

Instead of the normal, boring summer doldrums where many small-cap stocks lose 5-10% of their value due to a lack of liquidity, we had a very real, harsh summer correction across all major exchanges. $8 trillion was erased from the global equity markets in August. Even gold, the bright spot of the summer, reminded us this week that every dog has its day. The correction in gold was healthy and necessary for its continued run.

We watched gold's pullback this week as positive, only adding to our belief that gold is far from a bubble. Now, before you write us off as just another group of maniac gold-bugs, keep reading.

If you take the time to really analyze global asset allocation in 2011 compared to what it was a few decades ago, you’ll find that the gold sector is underinvested in and that less than 1% of global assets are situated in gold. How can anyone say that gold is a bubble about to burst given that statistic alone?
To add even more depth on this topic, I found one of the best explanations of why gold is not in a bubble. If you are invested in gold bullion, producing gold companies, or juniors with proven or soon to be proven gold resources - this is a must read!

The below excerpt is taken from the article, "Debunking the Gold Bubble Myth," and was authored by Eric Sprott and Andrew Morris in March of 2011.

"In their Gold Yearbook 2010, CPM Group noted that in 1968, gold held by individuals for investment purposes represented approximately 5% of global financial assets. By 1980 that amount had fallen to roughly 3%. By 1990 it had dropped significantly to 0.6%, and by the year 2000 represented a mere 0.2% of global assets. By the end of 2009, nine years into the gold bull market that began in 2000, they estimate that gold had increased to represent a mere 0.6% of global financial assets - hardly much of an increase. Gold ownership didn't change much last year either, as we estimate that this percentage increased to 0.7% of global financial assets in 2010. So despite gold reaching record nominal highs, the world holds about the same portion of its wealth in gold as it did over two decades ago. While this probably says more about the proliferation of financial assets over the past decade than it does about gold investment, it is surprising to note how trivial gold ownership is when compared to the size of global financial assets.

The increase in gold ownership from 0.2% in 2000 to 0.7% in 2010 is also misleading. If you consider the approximate $227 billion that was invested in gold bullion in 2000, that level of investment would have grown to $1.18 trillion, or 0.6% of financial assets, by the end of 2010 - based purely on gold appreciation alone.

In other words, the actual amount of new investment into gold since 2000 represents only 0.1% of current global financial assets, or about $250 billion. Although this number may seem large, consider that roughly $98 trillion of new capital flowed into global financial assets over the same period, so gold's approximate 0.3% share of global investment flows is essentially trivial.

The 0.7% ownership data point also has interesting implications for global gold ownership going forward. Consider that to return to a meaningful level of gold investment, say to the 5% level of 1968, it would require over $9 trillion of gold investment today, or about 6.5 billion ounces of gold at the current gold price. This would represent well over 1.3 times the amount of gold ever produced throughout history and four times the amount of known gold reserves. So not only is the public relatively underinvested in gold, but at current prices it isn't even possible to increase our gold holdings back to a meaningful level."
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gold Prices Stall as Stocks Bounce

Gold Prices Stall as Stocks Bounce

Gold prices were cautious Wednesday as hopes for further government intervention to boost the economy pushed investors into stocks and fears of a double-dip recession faded.

Gold for December delivery was adding 80 cents at $1,830.60 an ounce at the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. The gold price has traded as high as $1,839.80 and as low as $1,822.30 while the spot gold price was down $7.90, according to Kitco's gold index.
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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Gold dips, but supported by Fed outlook

Gold dips, but supported by Fed outlook

Gold fell on Wednesday after a near 3% rally the day before sparked by Federal Reserve comments on possible measures to boost U.S. growth, and the bullion price is still set for its biggest monthly gain in nearly two years.

Minutes from the Fed’s policy meeting on Aug. 9 released Tuesday showed the central bank discussed a range of unusual tools it could use to help the economy and more quantitative easing remains an option.

The Fed has thus far given no explicit signal that it will embark on a third round of purchases of government bonds to keep market interest rates low — a measure known as quantitative easing — meaning markets are increasingly jittery and prone to wild swings in response to measures such as economic data.

Spot gold was last down 0.6% on the day at US$1,825.19 an ounce at 1145 GMT, having risen by over 2.6% the day before to a high of US$1,839.40.

So far in August, the price has risen by 12.2 percent, the largest monthly rise since a 12.8% gain in November 2009, compared with a 6.1% loss in the S&P 500.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Investments: Why Buy Gold?

Investments: Why Buy Gold?

It impacts on the population’s budget significantly as most Georgian citizen's deposits are kept either in USD or EUR accounts in Georgia.

The Euro and U.S dollar rates have been continuously varying since 2010. Therefore, the people with Georgian accounts are in a precarious situation. They cannot confidently decide which currency is reliable, which currency is beneficial for saving money and which currency will not reduce its value.

In such a situation economic experts' advice is to invest in shares of gold. “The price of gold is increasing in relation to the dollar, the Euro and Gel. Therefore, investing in gold is the only way to ensure the safety of your money and to potentially increase it,” said Paata Sheshelidze, the economic expert. “Gold is a natural metal and its availability is limited and the production of certain currencies depends on political decisions. Therefore, gold is much more stable and reliable than the US dollar, Euro or Gel,” he added.
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Australia’s gold production jumps 10% on record prices

Australia’s gold production jumps 10% on record prices

PERTH ( ? Australia’s gold production increased 10% year-on-year in the 2011 financial year, as new operations came into production and old mines were reopened on the back of soaring bullion prices, Surbiton Associates director Dr Sandra Close reported.

In its latest quarterly production figures, Surbiton sated that Australian gold production for the three months to June had increased by 5% to 68 t, or 2.1-million ounces, compared with the 65 t produced in the previous quarter.
Gold output for the full year totalled 270 t, an increase of 24 t on the previous financial year.

“There’s a lot of activity in the gold sector, with several operations slated to come on stream in the next 12 months and several others still in the feasibility study stage,” said Close.
She noted that some of the gold deposits that were previously mined in the earlier years of the current gold boom, which has now been in progress for 30 years, have become attractive targets.

“The recent spike in the gold price has certainly drawn attention to the industry but it is the sustained, longer-term, upward trend in the gold price that has prompted companies to re-evaluate older deposits and also explore for new ones.”
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Jewellers offer monthly plans as sales fall on high gold prices

Jewellers offer monthly plans as sales fall on high gold prices

MUMBAI: Keen to prop up faltering sales, India's leading jewellery retailers are offering schemes that encourage customers to invest their savings in gold through regular small purchases and get protection from price volatility. Gold has risen $400/ounce between July and August and more than 30% over last year, depressing jewellery demand.

Gold demand typically shoots up in September, with the onset of the festive season, and peaks in spring during the wedding season. However, this year urban consumers are preferring coins and bars for investment over jewellery. In rural India, where almost three quarters of the bullion is sold, demand is likely to remain depressed as net returns from farming drop and cost of living rises.

Three-year-old chain Reliance Jewels, a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani-owned Reliance Retail, plans to launch a scheme in October that will allow a consumer to invest any amount daily for a year and then buy gold at the rate prevailing on maturity. A consumer can also opt to buy fractional quantities of gold everyday for a year under the scheme and can get jewellery equivalent to grammage accumulated over time upon the scheme's maturity. His purchase thus becomes independent of gold price fluctuations.
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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Scrap Gold Buyer Online in Edmonton -- Legends of Gold and Midas

Scrap gold buyer online in Edmonton, KMG Gold is famous for buying gold for the best price with honesty in dealing. You can as well sell your gold with outlets of KMG gold located in Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, Winnipeg, Calgary, Toronto, Victoria, Kamloops, Canada. The gold buyer is reliable and shipping your gold to KMG is safer than with anyone else.

Gold, the most sought material in the world as well has interesting stories going the rounds. The Midas Touch is the most famous of all the legendary tales about gold that details the kind of greed people had about gold. Midas lived in the period of 800 BC. He was the king of Egypt and he desired to become the most powerful man on the earth. He played host to the friend of God Dionysus, the god was impressed by Midas and offered him a boon. Midas required a gold touch where he insisted that he wanted everything he touched to turn in to gold.

The sooner Midas got the boon he was very happy and dreamt of becoming the most powerful man in the world, because, everything he touched will turn out to be gold. He touched the door and it became gold. He touched the chairs it became gold. He touched the doors it became gold. He touched the cot it became gold. He touched the bed it became gold. He touched the utensils it became gold. He touched the mirror it became gold. He was hungry and he touched the food in hunger and it became gold. He realized something was wrong about his wish. He touched the wine it became gold. His daughter came running to him he touched her she became gold.

Midas felt pathetic and he realized that there are many things in the world that are more essential and needed than just gold. He prayed to Dionysus and he required that he be cleared from the boon. He asked the god to forgive him on his greed. The god told him to wash himself in the Pactolus river, and Midas did so. He brought some water from the Pactolus river sprinkled it on his daughter who turned to be gold; her daughter came back live and smiling at him. He was happy about life back to normal and thanked the lord for the boon.

These days we are so obsessed about selling gold and buying gold. We are concerned about investing in gold, in precious metals and all other stuff. The story of Midas is a moral reminder to state there are as well many things that are as important as gold. You need not invest all your money in gold; rather you can diversify what you can afford towards gold assets.

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