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Monday, September 19, 2011

Safe Keeping

Owning gold is starting to become the “in” thing in the investment industry because it’s perceived as a hedge in troubled economic times. With the current value of gold seemly edging higher almost on a daily basis, there are more and more people who are keeping gold investments at home.

“For many people owning gold jewelry means they are now in possession of a significant value of gold,” stated Cpl. Richard De Jong, spokesperson of the North Vancouver RCMP. “The RCMP is cautioning people to be very mindful of where and how they are storing their gold; thieves have been very specific in residential break and enters by stealing just gold jewelry.”

Several agencies and organizations, including KMG Gold are offering some safety tips to consider for safekeeping your gold:

Bank safety deposit boxes are secure and may offer one of the best protection options from theft or loss.
An in-house, fire-rated securely fastened safe may also provide security.

To mitigate the risk of theft, diversify where you choose to store your gold. Do not store all your gold in one specific hiding place in your residence. If thieves find one storage location they may quickly move on.

Be cautious when telling your friends or neighbours about the value of your gold. Keep quiet about the gold you have and you will not have to worry about being targeted for a break and enter or home invasion.

Assume any potential thief may have a metal detector to locate your gold. Therefore, keep your gold stored in a location that contains other metals that could act as a “camouflage” by naturally setting off a metal detector

Think about ‘providing a facade as bait’ for any potential thief. By having a jewelry box with inexpensive items inside, it may be enough perceived riches for the robber to then leave.

Stay away from hiding your gold in predictable places such as a freezer, a cookie jar or under a mattress. Think outside the box and utilize obscure locations.

Seriously consider placing your gold “on account” with a local refinery or recycler like KMG Gold in Winnipeg. By using this service, you keep the investment without risking the chance of theft or loss.

All locations whether in your home or outside, have advantages and disadvantages. Think smart and be proactive in protecting your gold,” suggests Michael Gupton of KMG Gold. “Your gold is worth it!”
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gold prices are likely to break through $2,000

Gold prices are likely to break through $2,000 an ounce by year-end to new record highs, metals consultancy GFMS said in a report on Thursday, as inflation pressures in Asia and debt concerns in the West lead to a recovery in investment demand.

While investment was soft in the early part of this year, jewellery purchasing held up remarkably strongly as prices climbed to records, the company said, while central banks added to holdings and scrap supply remained muted.
World investment in gold is forecast to jump by more than a quarter year-on-year to 1,069 tonnes in the second half, largely on the back of soaring bar demand, and could push the market significantly higher.

"Apparently low investment figures were very much a first-quarter story," said Neil Meader, research director at GFMS. "As soon as that Western disinvestment stops, you then have investment coming back at a time when the jewellery market is still strong and scrap is not doing a huge amount."

"Throw in a couple of hundred tonnes of official sector purchases, and you get some quite interesting price pressures going on," he said.

A forecast for a hefty 43.5 percent year-on-year fall in implied net investment -- chiefly reflecting activity in exchange-traded funds, on COMEX and in over-the-counter trading -- was a reflection of profit-taking early in the year, Meader said.

But the low interest rate environment, poor confidence in paper currencies and concerns over sovereign debt are all still strong factors underpinning interest in gold. In the full year, world investment is seen rising 1 percent to 1,693 tonnes.

Selling out of exchange-traded funds in the first quarter of the year, when the major gold funds recorded the largest quarterly outflow on record, has been partly reversed, suggesting appetite for the products has recovered.

Bullion bar buying, which has been consistently strong this year, rose 43 percent in the first half and is expected to stay strong in the remainder of the year, with GFMS forecasting a further 8 percent rise in the second half.

"We have seen periods where ETF demand wasn't great, and to an extent that was due to some people shifting out of ETFs into allocated metal accounts, because that is a lower-cost vehicle for holding gold," said Meader.

"That phenomenon happens when you have new entrants in the market. The ETFs are very visible and easily understandable, and that attracts new entrants, but once they are more familiar with gold ... and if their positions build to a certain size, they may be in a position to switch into allocated metal."
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Important Steps Involved In Buying Gold

The world economic scenario has undergone a lot of turbulence and uncertainty in the past few decades. Therefore, it is a secure alternative to make long term investments. The retirement accounts are decreasing, the stock exchange is also subject to huge fluctuations and the value of all currencies is on a decline. Gold has become a prized investment in such these circumstances. Gold has emerged as a winner because it has been able to withstand all the lashes of recession. Apart from being used in ornaments, gold also possesses immense historical value and importance. What’s more is that by buying gold at a lower price and selling it at a higher price, one can make money.

To ensure that gold proves to be a secure and reliable investment, people should understand some simple steps to buy gold. To gain a full understanding of the ins and outs of the market, people should thoroughly analyze the gold market. If one wants to know the potential value of gold holdings, people should understand the value of the metal and have complete knowledge of its historical relevance. Moreover, people should be aware that gold investment is not restricted to one specific option. People can buy metal futures, certificates, stocks of mining companies, wafers, physical bars and coins and mutual funds of precious metals amongst others.

Before settling on one form of investment, people should have a thorough understanding of the gold industry. In addition, the mode of investment which is selected should enable people to make money and should also be within means. Those investors should look for gold coins that have a limited allocation. Not only these coins have immense historical value, but are easy to transport and convenient to store and hold.

Finding a reliable gold dealer is the next step which has to be followed. It is essential to find a dealer who is honest, trustworthy and follows all business ethics from the ones which are available locally as well as online. All Canadian cities like Toronto, Calgary, Kamloops, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Victoria etc have their own gold dealers.

There are several gold dealers located in each city. It can be seen that people can save on the transportation and shipping costs can be saved if one opts to use a local dealer. On several occasions, people can gain confidence by investing in smaller items.

People can choose any gold refinery in Canada for confirming gold authenticity of gold with the help of gold assay services. KMG Gold Recycling is a suitable choice when looking for a precious metal refinery in Canada. People can make a decision once the refinery has analyzed the gold. KMG would be the ideal choice as it conducts all its transactions with honesty. 
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

KMG Gold Founder To Appear on CJOB Radio

KMG Gold founder and president, Michael Gupton will appear live on CJOB Radio. At 10:00pm on Saturday, Sept 10, Michael talks live on the Greg Glatz Show in an active discussion on the current market trends in the precious metals industry.

With the price of gold reaching near record highs, many people have been looking for the best, easiest and SAFEST way to sell their unused jewelry, coins and other precious metals. Gupton has become the leading authority on the gold buying industry and will be a perfect fit for Greg's program.

"I think a talk show is the crown jewel of broadcasting because it gives people a chance to say what they need to say. For that reason, my shows have always been built around the idea that the callers matter most. I say exactly what I need to say and I give listeners their chance to do the same."
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