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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ethics In The Gold Industry

One of the most important traits which is argued about and discussed in the gold industry is ethics. What’s more is that it’s on the pillars and basis of ethics that the gold industry is dependent. It has been witnessed that most gold dealings are conducted dishonestly. It is a very common activity of people to amalgamate gold with other substances. Therefore, a particular set of ethics have to be followed by gold dealers for avoiding different problems.

It is vital that the individuals which are being served should be offered complete dedication by all members of the gold industry. From the client’s point of view, it becomes a very constructive and faith building activity. There are several dealers in the industry which are dishonest so people do not know how to find an honest gold buyer. Even if a single member of the industry is dishonest, the reputation of the entire industry goes down the drain. In fact, if this happens, people will never revert to the same dealer if he is dishonest.

When dealing with the shareholders of the gold mining company, ethics again play a very important role. If there is even a small inkling that the company is conducting fraudulent activities, the government will have to interfere. The credibility and the reputation of the company will be destroyed in the occurrence of a scam. It is vital to lay importance of ethics in the event of a company wishing to carry out expansion.
In case of inter business dealings, ethics are also crucial. This is because if any competitor gets even a minor hint of any fraudulent activities, they will destroy the reputation of the company by disclosing the matter to higher authorities. In this case, legal action can also be taken by a company. In this manner, both the shareholders and the public will lose their trust in the company. Hence, business ethics should be followed in order to avoid such a situation.

The backbone of a company is its employees. Without the contribution of the employees, the company will cease to exist. Business ethics play a very vital role in the benefit of not only the company as a whole but also the employees because it leads to more productivity. In addition, the employees will work harder and with more dedication for achieving their aims in target as their confidence will be boosted.

KMG Gold Recycling which is a precious metal refinery in Canada is a perfect example of business ethics. It complies with all rules and regulations and work to maintain the faith and trust which people have placed in them. All business ethics are followed by it.
Posted by Caitlyn Diamond at 8:09 AM