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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ways to Make Money by Selling Scrap Metals Online to Metal Buyers

Selling unwanted jewellery and other objects made from precious metals has become a great way of making quick money. Online traders cut cost and trading is made easy.

KMG is willing to buy scrap gold, silver, platinum, broken jewellery and used silver for cash.. Recycling precious metals, such as cash for, gold, silver, platinum palladium and iridium are bountiful, as precious metals are in demand.

Where to Sell Unwanted Jewellery
The added advantage of selling precious metals to KMG is that the high street pawnbroker cannot compete since the middleman is cut out. This saves the customer money. Furthermore, the online trader can match or exceed any offer the high street pawnbroker or jeweller is willing to pay.

It doesn’t matter if the jewellery is broken or if the ornament has lost its lustre. Metal traders are interested only in the purity of the metal. Precious metals can be found in the most unexpected objects. Examples may be:
• Jewellery such as chains, bracelets, charms and rings
• Watches
• Coins
• Cufflinks, pins and broaches
• Dental crowns
• Cups, tankards and trophies
• Pens
• Cigarette lighters
• Cigarette cases
• Electronic products
• Picture frames
• Mustard pots
• Teapots
• Pens
• Candlesticks
• Cigarette lighters
• Salt and pepper pots
• Golf tees
• Letter openers
• Wire
• Precious metal foil
Watch out for fake or costume jewellery, which will yield no value.

Things to Consider Before Proceeding to Take Cash for Precious Metals
• Obtaining a second opinion from a pawnshop or other specialist on the object's value, prior to dispatching the items means the customer can make informed decisions and understand that they are recieving the best payout when recycling KMG. 
• Check out the reputation of the precious metal trader before dispatching the items. Reading customers’ forums is a good indicator of a particular firm’s reputation.
• Items will be valued on the quality of the object, not its ornamental value. If the object is an antique, getting it valued by an auctioneer or antique specialist is the better option
• The precious metal will be valued on its trading price on a particular day, and prices will fluctuate.

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Posted by Mike Gupton at 12:00 AM