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KMG•GOLD Video Transcripts

Q: What we Buy.

KMG Gold doesn't have a huge advertising budget like are middle-men gold buyers Competitors, because we pay out so much money for the gold we buy from you! I have to carry the gear when we make these videos. We shoot these video's using local young talent, so you can recycle your gold with Kmggold and get the most money.

Hello, my name is Micheal Gupton, president of Kmg Gold Recycling. We have 13 locations across Canada, 5 here in the lower main land, where we recycle your gold for the most money.

Two questions that I'm asked the most are what we buy and what we pay. We buy anything gold, silver, platinum or palladium, jewellery, coins, bullion, industrial silver, silver scarps, silver coins, you name it. If its precious metals we can recycle it or refine it for you; if you have a lot of it. What we pay for our items, are all on our website, click the link that says what we pay. What you're going to see is a chart with all of our prices, which are live, updated 24/7-365. What you see on those pages is what we actually pay, there not teaser rates, there not marketing gimmicks. The numbers that you see on that page are the numbers you will get when you recycle your gold with KmgGold.

Q: Affordable, Real, Claimable, Canadian Shipping Insurance.

Hi, Im Micheal Gupton, President of KMG Gold Recycling. One question I get all the time is will my shipment be safe? If I ship my gold to you for refining or recycling will my shipment be safe? Of course the answer is yes!

We've just signed with one of the world's largest underwriters for Insurance. Real, claimable, 100% Insurance up to 50,000 for precious metals. Specifically designed for precious metals. All the other carriers don't tell you, they'll take your money, but they don't tell you that if it gets lost, it's not claimable. With Kmg Gold's Insurance program; Insurance up to 50,000, completely claimable, completely safe. It's never been easier for you to recycle your gold, silver, platinum, palladium for the most money with,,

Q: 13 Locations Across Canada!

Girl: Hi, I went to and saw this was the closest location to me. I want to recycle my gold with Kmggold.

Mike: The video we just showed you, of course is just make believe. It's a demonstration on easy it is to recycle your gold with KMG Gold; with anyone of our 13 drop off locations in Canada. What is real, is the chain she showed you which is 19grams of 22k. So the surprise look she got on her face when she opened up her cheque, if she had done that. She would of gotten $592.37. That's the real deal with Kmggold. Thank you very much!

Q: 3 Steps to Ship you Gold.

By shipping directly to the refinery, Edward from Ontario got over $4000 for his strips of Industrial silver. Sarah from Lueville, Kentucky sent in her gold with a secure ship and she got over $150. Sean from Regina, Saskatchewan sent in his gold and got over $550 for this. Than we got Kelly who is Canada's number 1 gold party hostess; she sent in her gold and got over $21,000 for that. Then we got Michael: one of Canada's largest gold buyers. He ships us his gold once a month & he'll get about a $100,000 for this amount of gold. Why? Because he shipped direct to a finery at Kmg Gold.

Hello my name is Micheal Gupton, President of Kmg Gold. We pay the most than any gold buyer in North America. That's not a marketing gimmick, that's a fact. If you want to sell you're used gold items to direct to refinery, no middle man, watch this video for 3 easy steps to show you how you can ship your gold direct to me and get the most money for your gold. The 1st step for you to make the most money for your gold is fill out the form on the right hand-side of this webpage. Once you fill out that form and click request you will receive are shipment envelope overnight express, free, pre-paid to your door. The 2nd step is to take of your gold, silver & platinum items and put it into a secure ship envelope, seal the secure envelope and 3rd step call 1-800-pick-ups. They'll come and pick it up from your door and it to me directly to the refinery, over-night, express and free! It's that simple.

Once we determine the purity and the weight of your items, we prepare an offer to purchase and email that to you so you can see the results of are analyse and chose for yourself, make up your own mind, that you're getting the most money of any gold buyer in North America.


What KMG Gold Customers Are Saying...
"...I thank you for your prompt response. I am so impressed and it's not too often you come across such professional and prompt service...I don't think I have to tell you how much this cheque will mean to me. All I had to do was just round up my old and broken jewelry..." - Cindy W.
"Thank you for your prompt attention to my request that you buy my gold... I chose your service due to your straightforward website and your reputation with the BBB. I will be happy to recommend your services to my friends. I accept your offer of $2,968.21" - D.
"...I checked 10 different places to sell my gold and you were in fact the highest payout. I received my payout before other companies even sent their shipping package...!" - Jae Hallett
"...Hi Mike, I'm thrilled with this offer, and would like to accept it... My offer was exactly what I had expected. Thanks for being so honest." - Karen P.