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Immediate Opening in Winnipeg MB Canada
Manager of Operations

Immediate opening for comprehensive Operations Manager/Regional Development Manager

Primary responsibilities include Total Autonomous Management (TAM) of all office(s), staff, retail location(s), local and regional sales, and local and regional development in direct communication with, and reporting to, senior corporate officer(s).

You will possess very strong oral and written communication, organizational, leadership, human resource, and administrative.

You posses a very strong technical skill set, including basic mathematics and chemistry, and are fully capable in Windows, iOS, Excel, Word, Chrome, Safari and POS software.

You will possess a degree in Business Management/Administration and a minimum 3 years Retail Management experience. Or possess a diploma in Business Management/Administration and a minimum 5 years Retail Management experience.

Key Characteristics:
Effective decision maker
Excellent ability to think, read, act, and react
Excellent people management skills
Gregarious, people person
Analytical thinker
Excellent business savvy, acumen
Problem solver. You put out fires. Once, and completely...
Great determination

Additional tools in your toolbox that are a definite plus:
Web design, graphics, development, coding etc.
Franchise exposure
Fluency in additional languages

You will, and are able to, travel within Canada, the USA, and abroad. You obviously have a valid passport and drivers license.

Please email Cover Letter and Resume, including questions...

. Put "Manager of Operations" in the Subject line.

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Job Title:

Gold Buyers

Sales Manager

Office/Retail Manager


Winnipeg and Grand Forks

Winnipeg and Grand Forks

Grand Forks

For more information Email: . Put "Job Title" in the Subject line. Please include a cover letter and your resume.