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1:35 PM CT Gold:  $1,932.68 Silver:  $21.96 Platinum:  $1,190.13 Palladium:  $2,495.63 USD - CAD: 1.3234 | CAD - USD: 0.7556
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Currency Exchange | Buy and Sell Canadian and United States Dollars

KMG Gold Recycling®, the trusted name in foreign currency exchange. Award Winning Honesty, Ethics and Integrity. Providing A Tradition Of Excellence, High Quality And Unparalleled Customer Service. Better Business Bureau Torch Award Winners 5 Years In A Row!*

We are regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC)

US Dollar and Canadian Dollar Foreign Currency Exchange

Our foreign currency exchange services allow you to buy and sell Canadian and US dollars.

Simply call us at 204-452-4653 or 1-877-468-2220 to book a rate.

Or email us at

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates apply to whole dollar amounts only. US Dollar coinage purchased at 90% of face value in Canadian dollars. Canadian coinage may not be used to purchase US dollars

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates In Canadian Dollars (Rates Effective: 12/09/19 1:35 PM CT)
Spot Rate: 1.3234 USD/CAD

United States Dollars We Sell USD At: We Buy USD At:
US Dollars (Less Than $200) Cash or Cheque Only * 1.4734 CAD 0.9000 CAD
US Dollars ($200 - $4,999) Cash or Cheque Only * 1.3534 CAD 1.2934 CAD
US Dollars ($5,000 - $49,999) Bank Wire Only 1.3434 CAD 1.3034 CAD
US Dollars ($50,000 - $99,999) Bank Wire Only 1.3334 CAD 1.3134 CAD
US Dollars ($100,000 - $999,999) Bank Wire Only 1.3309 CAD 1.3159 CAD
US Dollars (Over $1,000,000) Bank Wire Only Please Call Please Call

Debit card purchases of USD subject to additional $15 CAD handling fee.
Credit card purchases of USD subject to 4% CAD handling fee.
* Cash payment subject to in-store availability.
Fees apply to Bank Wires.
Rates are subject to change without notice at any time.

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